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Training Sessions by Sandra Loy.

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  • Discover your unique blend of colours.
  • Understand the importance of nuturing the various parts of your life.
  • Enhance your delegating and coaching skills.
  • Discover your preferred leadership style.
  • Explore the potential sources of conflict each "colour" can experience.
  • Identify different ways to appeal to different personality types


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Personality Dimensions

Personality differences and conflicts are not an individuals personality problem. Learning to appreciate and understand the differences among one another result in higher job satisfactions and much better team work.


Personality Dimesions is a fun and easy to understand interactive tool that reduces employee turnover and creates an environment where people can grow and develop. This structure increases retention, decreases absenteeism, and most of all allows us to see the uniqe contribution of each person while motivating them to do their best. 


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